Particle size reduction

Lump Breakers ­

Delumper equipment
for Bulk Materials

Coarse and fine reduction of agglomerates in bulk materials with crushers

Telschig provides special particle size reduction systems and lump breakers for coarse and fine reduction.

Individual and optimal design according to the customer’s task. Checklist-based approach. Important parameters are:

  • Physical product data
  • operation, function, process engineering
  • maximal input product size
  • desired output grain size
  • product hardness
  • throughput
  • materials
  • ATEX-version

Industrial crushers made by TELSCHIG

  • Throughput up to ca. 100 m³/h
  • Output grain size from dust-like products up to ca. 30 mm
  • Trials in our workshop
  • Equipment with or without sieve
  • Customized engineering
  • Years of experience for optimal design and dimensioning
  • Accessories: electric control unit, magnetic separators, service and inspection housing
  • Low installation height


Case studies:

A small selection of application possibilities of our lump breakers from previous projects and inquiries in the year 2018.

Product Lump output size Throughput Model
Diuron 0 - 4,0 mm 4.500 kg/h ATEX (Explosion protection)
BioAgenasol 7 mm 1250 kg/h ATEX (Explosion protection)
Raw flour 25 mm 180 kg/h High temperature range 150°C
Sodium 10 mm 200 kg/h Standard
Sodium 0 - 2,5 mm 500 kg/h Stainless steel 1.4301
Potassium chloride 3 mm 1.000 kg/h Stainless steel 1.4301
Washing powder 3 mm 4.000 kg/h Standard
Sewage sludge 10-15 mm 400 kg/h Standard
Sugar 0 - 3,0 mm 2.000 kg/h ATEX (Explosion protection)
Soda powder 15 mm 50.000 kg/h Standard
Plastic granulate 3 - 5 mm 2.000 kg/h Stainless steel 1.4301
Presscake (Seed) 10 - 20 mm 5.000 kg/h Stainless steel 1.4301
Fertilizer 0 - 3,0 mm 2.000 kg/h Stainless steel 1.4301
Ash 0 - 3,0 mm 2.000 kg/h High temperature range 150°C
Slag 8 mm 2.000 kg/h High temperature range 450°C




Power plants

Materials (examples)

Chemical products
Phosphorescent materials


  • Used for soft to hard lumps
  • Removal of unwanted agglomerates and foreign objects through sieve inserts and magnetic separators
  • High functional safety of subsequent processes and systems
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