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Conveying Systems for Bulk Material

Telschig pneumatic conveying systems are used for the transportation of bulk materials and granulates in pipelines. The transportation of solids via overpressure and under pressure is an indispensable technology in the field of powder material handling in order to convey bulk material from A to B.

The maximum conveying pressure is 2.5 bar over pressure and 0.6 bar under pressure. The product is feed into the system by airlocks, injectors, screw pumps or pressure vessel. The physical properties of the product as well as conveying capacity and function influence the design of the plant.
The technological design is based on individual requirements and Telschig has its own calculation program based on 45 years of experience. We pay special attention to the economic interpretation of the components and the entire conveying system.

The following parameters are important for the technical design of the powder conveying system for each specific task: dense phase for fine-grained powdery products and dilute phase for coarse-grained, granular products.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

  • Pressure and suction conveying
  • Conveying capacities up to circa 75 t/h
  • Conveying distances up to 150 meters
  • Technologically mature pipe layout
  • Customized engineering
  • Robust technology for continuous operation free of interferences
Telschig Cemtrans




  • Pressure and suction conveying
  • Conveying capacities: up to
    circa 75 t/h
  • Conveying distance: up to 150 meters
  • Max. conveying pressure: up to 2.5 bar over pressure and 0.6 bar under pressure
  • Dilute and dense phase systems
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