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Bag slitting & emptying equipment - manual to fully automatic operation

Perfect and customized debagging machines for individual tasks. Telschig bag emptying plants open and empty all sacks and bag materials with an emptying capacity up to 1,200 bags per hour. Function and operation process are individually designed based on your requirements.

Manual Bag Emptying Station

The manual, ergonomic and dust-free operation of the bag emptying system is used for small emptying capacities up to 60 bags per hour. The systems are equipped with pneumatic loosening, dust filter, dosing and conveying systems, empty bag compactor and an electric control unit. Execution mobile or stationary.

Manual bag unloading station type CEMOBIL mobile or stationary. Compact system, pneumatic conveying included.

Production series CEMATIC

The dust free operation of bag opening machines of our production series CEMATIC is used for powdery products in various industries. The systems are available in different levels of automation and four different levels of capacity. The basic version is equipped with bag feeding, automatic opening and emptying, de-dusting, bag compactor and electric control with bag dosing and bag counting device.

Fully automatic operation through automatic de-palletizing, empty pallet dispenser, mechanic or pneumatic conveying as well as automatic internal cleaning equipment and ATEX.

Production series SEMAT

The production series SEMAT is used for granulates and all granular, mainly dust-free products. The theoretical emptying capacity is 400 and 800 bags per hour.

The degree of partial or fully automatic operation is equivalent to our production series CEMATIC. Both series are available as fully automatic systems.

Highlights debagging machine

  • Comprehensive basic version
  • Manual or automatic bag feeding
  • Empty bag compactor
  • Reduction of production costs
  • De-palletization from manual to fully automatic operation
  • Electrical or electronical control
  • Execution in normal steel or stainless steel
  • Useable for bags up to 80 kg
  • Mechanic or pneumatic conveying
  • Wide range of accessories and numerous special features
  • Customized engineering
  • Robust technology for continuous operation free of interferences
  • Reliable service and maintenance



Case studies:

A small selection of application possibilities of our bag emtpying systems from previous projects and inquiries in the year 2019.

Product Emptying capacity Depalletizing Country
Soda powder 170 Bags/h Manual Russia
Plastic granulate 400 Bags/h fully automatic Germany
Calcium carbonate 400 Bags/h Manual Vietnam
Fertilizer 400 Bags/h Manual Canada
Milk powder 240 Bags/h Manual Australia
Diatomaceous 100 Bags/h Manual Switzerland
Caprolactam 160 Bags/h fully automatic Germany
Sugar 90 Bags/h Manual Germany
Plastic granulate 240 Bags/h Manual Germany
Monoammonium phosphate 1200 Bags/h Manual Vietnam
Silica 100 Bags/h Manual Germany
Plastic granulate 600 Bags/h Manual Germany
Levapren 100 Bags/h fully automatic Germany
Plastic granulate 750 Bags/h fully automatic Germany

Fully automatic bag emptying

Telschig - bag emptying machine
Telschig - automatic bag opening machine
Telschig - dustfree debagging machine
Telschig - Dust free bag emptying
Telschig - bag emptying system
Telschig - automatic bag emtpying equipment
Telschig - automatic bag splitter



Materials (Examples)

Maize starch
Pectin, salt, sugar
Coffee beans
Milk powder


  • Completely dust-free
  • Emptying capacity: up to 1,200 bags per hour
  • Up to 80 kg per bag
  • For powdery products and granulates
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