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BIG-BAG handling

Telschig Big Bag handling systems are used worldwide. Our special technology guaranties complete emptying in 1-3 minutes per Big Bag. Manual support is not required. Execution mobile or stationary.
Robust and automatic operation distinguishes our technology. The opening of one trip Big Bags happens automatically trough a stationary circular knife without motor at the bottom. Multi trip Big Bags come with emptying valves which have to be opened manually. By dismantling the circular knife the bottom of the Big Bag remains undamaged.

During the rapid emptying of one trip Big Bags through an opening with diameter of 650 mm, the maximal emptying capacity is circa 25 Big Bags per hour. The effective output depends on the local infrastructure and logistics on site.

Successful application for all Big Bag designs and materials up to a content of 2 m3.

Rapid Big Bag Emptying in 1-3 minutes

  • Automation through special opening and emptying technology
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Dust free operation
  • Mobile execution available
  • Integration of particle size reduction processors

  • Dosing device for coarse and fine reduction
  • Customized engineering
  • High flexibility


Case studies:

A small selection of application possibilities of our big bag emptying plants from previous projects and inquiries in the year 2017.

BigBag-Content Emptying capacity Conveying Country
Pet coke 26 BigBags/h Pneumatic - 40 t/h Egypt
Lime 25 BigBags/h Mechanic - 30 t/h Chile
Cement 25 BigBags/h Pneumatic - 25 t/h Honduras
Mikrosilica 25 BigBags/h Pneumatic - 12 t/h Germany
Cement 25 BigBags/h Mechanic Yemen
Calcium carbonate 25 BigBags/h None Israel
Iron oxide 25 BigBags/h None Jordan
Pastry 25 BigBags/h Pneumatic UAE
Mortar 25 BigBags/h Mechanic - 9 t/h Switzerland
Bentonite 25 BigBags/h Mechanic - 25 t/h Germany
Sugar 25 BigBags/h Mechanic Namibia

Functional sequence big bag emptying with pneumatic conveying

Telschig Big Bag Emptying plant with silo truck filling, Peru
Telschig Big Bag emptying plant mobile
mobile Big Bag emptying plant
Big Bag emptying
dustfree BigBag emptying
Telschig BigBag emptying plant



Materials (examples)

Hydrated Lime
Milk powder
Salt, sugar
Fly ash


  • Automatic operation through ­innovative bag emptying technology
  • Dust-free operation
  • Big Bag content: 0.5 to 2.0 t
  • Rapid or slow bag emptying
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