Big-Bag emptying – Automatically. Dustfree. Fast.

In recent years Telschig Verfahrenstechnik GmbH has developed a new big-bag opening, emptying and handling system, which is successfully used in various industrial areas.

Mobile BigBag-Emptying Plant in outdoor use at a cementdrymix facility

Full-automatic BigBag Emptying Plant in explosion-safe design (Atex zone 1/21)

BigBag Emptying Plant in industrial enviroment

The big bags contain dusty products or granules. Areas of application for this new technology have already been found in the chemical-, food-, recycling companies and cement factories. Due to an effective and mature technology, it was possible to use these plants in different industrial areas worldwide. It’s the ideal solution for handling up to 25 big- bag / h and as a double version up to 50 big-bag / h.

Telschig big-bag emptying systems are supplied in a compact design, including lump breaker, to dissolve or to crush any lumps which may be existing in the products. Furthermore, the machines can be equipped with a mechanical or pneumatic conveyor, which can be adjusted to the required or maximum emptying capacity. This is a compact handling system for the opening and emptying of big-bags and the conveying of the products to the desired destination.

Special features of the Big Bag emptying system are the following parameters:

  • Fully automatic operation without operator - except transport of the big bag to emptying station and recycling the emptied big bag.
  • Absolutely dust-free operation due an integrated dedusting filter with exhaust fan including mechanical cover.
  • High emptying rate due large emptying hopper
  • Fast emptying up to max. 25 big-bag/h and in special version as a double system with capacity up to 50 big-bag/h. The achievable performance is influenced by the big-bag content, the physical product characteristics and the infrastructure of feeding the filled and disposing of the emptied big bags.
  • A product crusher is installed at the outlet of the big-bag emptying funnel so that the lumps contained in the product can be dissolved or crushed.
  • The entire system is mounted stationary or mobile on a compact frame, including electrical control on site, cabling and can therefore be used in every position and for different applications. For specific requirements, the system can be designed according to the latest explosion-safety regulations and provides Atex-certificates.
  • Characteristic applications are e.g. direct filling of production plants, without downstream conveying or with downstream mechanical or pneumatic conveying for the loading of silotrucks, working or storage silo.

This new technology is based on the following functions:

  • The filled big-bag is lifted by a stationary crane, forklift, crane truck, etc. above the big-bag emptying station. It then is cut up on the bottom side with an opening of 650 mm diameter by self-weight on a stationary circular knife. The cutting angle is 270 °, so that the cut-out bottom part remains attached to the big-bag body and automatically opens like a bottom flap through the load of the material.
  • If the big-bag that should be emptied is equipped with a bottom valve, the opening and emptying works as described above. The bottom valve spout does not effect opening or emptying.
  • Depending on the bulk density, the bulk material and the content of the Big Bag, the emptying takes place in approx. 1-3 minutes due the large outlet diameter.
  • On the upper side of the big-bag emptying hopper is a flexible cover, which fits tightly to the outer contours of the filled Big-Bag. A dedusting filter mounted on the side of the big-bag emptying hopper with integrated suction fan creates a negative pressure in the emptying funnel, so that the dust outflow is avoided. The dust contained in the exhaust air is separated by the filter and continuously cleaned. The cleaned dust automatically returns to the emptying funnel. This prevents product loss. According to the required environmental protection, different filter constructions can be used in order to keep the clean gas dust content below the desired limit.
  • With this technology, one-way and multi-way big-bag can be opened and emptied. If in special applications it’s not desired to cut the bottom, the big bag is emptied by manual opening of the outlet valve.
  • The Big-Bag emptying funnel is supplied in two sizes with 2.0 m³ or alternatively with 3.5 m³.
  • Stainless steel version for the product-contacting parts or the entire system is possible.
  • The design and function are extremely flexible as described above, it is possible to integrate them into different processes.



Telschig Verfahrenstechnik simplifies the often complex and lossy emptying processes of Big Bags, due to the efficient and proved technology of the Big-Bag fast-emptying system with the forward-thinking properties: Automatic.Dustfree.Fast.


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